World Class Hospitals in India

Unless you have the time and experience to evaluate a physician, hospital and care team, choosing the right healthcare provider can be a very difficult challenge. For an organization to qualify as and 

Surgery Tours India Partner, they must meet the following criteria : -

Our partner facilities undergo an exhaustive assessment process to ensure our clients will be receiving the best care possible. 

Health & Safety : - 
Surgery Tours India only partners with medical facilities which meet or exceed US standards for cleanliness, safety, professionalism and competency. Most of our represented Hospitals are internationally accredited by Joint Commission International or ISO. 

Communication : - 
We ensure our represented partners can converse with our clients in fluent English at all stages of patient contact, from the nurses making the beds to the surgeons in the operating rooms. 

Modern Equipment & New Technologies : - 
We regularly consult with international health professionals to ensure that our partner facilities are making use of modern equipment and the latest medical technologies. 

Insurance Policy : - 
We require our partners to maintain valid insurance policies protecting clients receiving surgical procedures and/or medical treatment. 

Site Inspections : - often insists on routine inspections of our international partner facilities. The inspection criteria includes: standards of sanitation, infection control and hygiene protocols, disposal of waste and sharps, food preparation and quality, and security and safety for staff and patients. 

While the underlying details of the evaluation criteria are complex, the simple test is that Surgery Tours India only partners with those institutions that we would trust with our own families. 

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