Kidney Transplant In India Get Best Of Treatment In Low Cost

Surgery Tours India assists people from other countries to undergo medical treatment in India. As Indian medical infrastructure is becoming more robust and effective, people from all across the world are travelling to India to get the medical treatment. The most common type of treatment which is sought in India is bone marrow transplant, cancer, kidney transplant, cardiac bypass, eye surgery, hip replacement, spine ailments, bone and joint problems and many more. Kidney transplant cost is very low in India.

Liver transplant in India is affordable

The areas of the world from where most of the patients come are Africa, Middle East, Europe, CIS and SAARC nation. The cost of treatment is very low in comparison to the developed world, whereas the quality of medical treatment somewhat remains the same. The Indian government is also working in favor of attracting people to get treatment in India. A visa-on-arrival scheme has been put in place for people from selected countries. Under this provision, it allows people to stay in India for 30 days for medical reasons.

Our hospitals are also providing the best of service and they are creating a separate reception counter for the people from other countries. There are translators at the counter to make the medical process smooth and remove the linguistic barrier. The quality of hospital is also something which is a big catch. There are as many as 21 JCI accredited hospitals in India and it is growing day by day.

What Is the Role Of The Kidney In The Body?
Kidney is responsible for filtering wastes from the bloodstream and maintaining the balance of electrolytes in the body. Kidneys also remove chemical and drug-by products and toxins from the body. They work towards eliminating these substances and excess water as urine. Kidneys also secrete hormones which regulate the absorption of calcium from food, the production of red blood cells and the amount of fluid in the circulatory system.

Kidney also prevents anemia and blood pressure. When blood enters into the kidney, it is filtered through the structures called glomeruli. After the first stage of filtration, the blood is filtered through a series of tubules which is called nephrons. The tubules perform both the function of removing useless substances and reabsorb useful substances back into the blood.

Kidney transplant in India at very low priceWhat Are The Different Types Of Kidney Treatments?
When Kidneys fail, there are three types of treatment. The treatments are hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplantation. Both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are in practice but kidney transplant is considered to be the best of treatment in comparison to the other two. India has best kidney transplant surgeons who perform the task of kidney transplantation. There is wide belief that a successful kidney transplant provides a better quality of life.

What Is Kidney Transplant Surgery?
Kidney transplant surgery is also one of the most common treatments which are performed in India. Kidney transplantation is also called renal transplantation. Kidney transplant in India is very famous treatment which is performed frequently. Low cost kidney transplant is forte of Indian medical system. It is an organ transplant into the body of patients suffering from end-stage kidney disease. Kidneys have several important functions in the body.

The best kidney transplant may mean greater freedom, more energy and a less strict diet. In kidney transplant, the person with kidney failure receives a new kidney. The transplanted new kidney takes over the job of cleaning the blood. There are two types of kidney transplant, which is in practice these days. The first kind of transplant is when the kidney comes from living donor and the other one is when the organ comes from non-living donors.

The living donor of the kidney may be someone from the family. Generally, spouse and closely related person donates kidney to the people in need. However, close friends also donate the kidney. In some cases, a stranger may also donate the kidney to the ailing recipient.

What Is Rejection After Kidney Transplant?

After the transplant, the new kidney becomes foreign object inside the body. The other body parts find it difficult to get accustomed to the new organ. The other body parts consider the new organ as foreign invaders. The defense system of the body may recognize tissue transplanted from other body as unknown and may attack this foreign invader. It is known as rejection of the kidney.

The rejection of kidney is well controlled by medicines. The medicines become very important after the kidney transplant. The person who has undergone kidney transplantation will need to follow a special diet. It is very important to look after the diets after the transplant.

What Is Kidney Pancreas Transplant?
Kidney pancreas transplant in India is also famous treatment that is performed. There are some cases when kidney is transplanted together with the pancreas. It is called kidney pancreas transplant. It is performed on a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus type 1. Mostly the kidney pancreas transplant is done from a deceased donor.


What Is Pediatric Kidney Transplant?
Pediatric kidney transplant is also a very well known treatment in India. It is done on the children suffering from end-stage renal disease. The children struggling with renal disorders can go for kidney transplant. The transplant becomes necessary when it creates growth issue, decreased school performance, bleeding issues, decreased appetite and lower energy levels in children.

The procedure for kidney transplantation in children is different from that of adult. Since child’s body is small, the donated kidney which normally comes from an adult becomes difficult to find space within the abdomen. It is also the reason why most of the doctors wait for the child to turn 18 before going for transplantation.

There are many diagnostic tests which are required before the pediatric kidney transplant. After the transplant, the child may experience pain on transplant site, fever, flu like symptoms like chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, headache, dizziness and body aches and pain. 

What Is The Cost Of Kidney Transplant In India?

The cost of treatment in India is about a tenth of the price of treatment in America or Britain. It is the main reason behind the surging growth of medical tourism in India. The industry is growing by 30 per cent annually. The ever-growing medical costs in the developed world are also the main reason behind driving the medical tourism in India. The cost of kidney transplant may range between USD 11,000 - USD 14,000

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