Cardiac/Heart surgery in India

Surgery Tours India is a company which facilitates medical treatments in India. Medical treatments in India are getting popular for so many reasons. India has a huge medical infrastructure suitable for all kinds of medical treatments. The cost of treatment in India is very less in comparison to the developed nations. The Indian doctors are well famed for their excellent track record. As a result, medical tourism is growing significantly in India. Every year, many people perform heart surgeries in India.

Cardiac surgery

We host people from all corners of the world for medical treatment. The industry is also growing roughly at 30 per cent annually. Indian state-of-the-art hospitals are well capable of treating the diseases like cancer, spine ailments, heart diseases, bone and joint problem, different kinds of transplants and much more. Our esteemed clients get the high class medical treatment and they are mostly from Africa, Middle East, Europe, CIS and SAARC nations.

Why Heart Surgeries In India?
India also specializes in low cost cardiac surgeries. India is capable of performing all kinds of heart surgeries. Heart disease can be cured by performing heart surgeries. Heart surgeries can correct problems with the heart if other treatments are not effective. The heart surgery is used to treat many heart problems like heart failure, coronary heart disease, fix heart valves that are not working well, control abnormal heart rhythms, place medical devices and replace a damaged heart with a healthy and functional one.

The common type of heart surgeries in India are bypass surgeries, open heart surgeries, transmyocardial laser revascularization, heart valve repair or replacement, arrhythmia treatment, aneurysm repair, heart transplant, surgery to place ventricular assist devices, total artificial hearts and many more.

What Is Cardiac Bypass Surgery?
Cardiac bypass surgery in India is the most common type of treatment. It is also called coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). Coronary artery bypass grafting improves blood flow to the heart. It is used to treat people who are struggling with coronary heart disease. In coronary heart disease, a waxy substance called plaque accumulates inside the coronary arteries. The arteries are required to transfer oxygen rich blood to the heart.

The accumulated plaque prevents smooth transfer of oxygen rich blood to the blood. As a result, it created unbearable chest pain which is also known as angina. When the accumulation restricts the blood flow to the heart, the chances of heart attack becomes very high. In the coronary artery bypass grafting, a healthy artery or vein from the other parts of body is connected, grafted to the blocked coronary artery.

It creates a new route for blood flow to the heart. Many blocked coronary arteries can be replaced in one surgery. A double bypass surgery means that tow coronary arteries are bypassed whereas triple bypass surgery means three coronary arteries are bypassed. The coronary heart disease can also be treated by using non surgical procedures like percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) which is also known as coronary angioplasty. The doctors are in a good position to decide the line of treatment like coronary artery bypass grafting or percutaneous coronary intervention.

What Is Open Heart Surgery?
The surgeons use different kinds of surgical procedures to do cardiac surgery in India. One can easily get the best heart surgery in India. The different kinds of surgical procedures are open heart surgery, off-pump heart surgery and minimally invasive heart surgery. Open heart surgery is a kind of surgery where the surgeon makes a large cut in the chest to open the rib cage and do operation on the heart.

It is important to note that with open heart surgery, it means that the chest is open. However, if need be, the heart can also be opened. During the open heart surgery, the patient is normally connected to a heart-lung bypass machine. The machine does the job of pumping instead of the heart while the heart is being operated upon.

The machine does the job of pumping the blood away from the heart. The process permits the doctors to operate on the heart, which is not beating and does not have blood passing through it. Open heart surgery is used in many different kinds of surgeries which are coronary artery bypass grafting, repair or replace heart valves, treat atrial fibrillation, do heart transplants and place VADs and TAHs.

What Precautions To Take Before Heart Surgery?
Before going for the heart surgeries there are many medical evaluations which are necessary. The surgeons will be talking about the kind of heart problem that one is facing and the symptoms associated with it. The past treatment, surgeries, procedure and medicines all are verified before deciding to go for surgery.

The family history is also asked by doctors before performing the surgery. The history of other problems like diabetes and high blood pressure is also checked. There are a series of diagnostic tests which are also performed before the surgery. The other tests which are often done are electrocardiogram (EKG), stress test, echocardiography, coronary angiography, aortogram, chest x-ray, cardiac computed tomography scan, cardiac magnetic, resonance imaging and many more.

The risks associated with the heart surgeries are bleeding, infection, irregular heartbeats and stroke. The risk is higher when an operation is performed on a person with higher age. Special care is required in case of diabetes, kidney disease, lung disease or peripheral arterial disease.

What Is The Cost Of Cardiac Surgery In India?

The cost of cardiac surgery in India is almost one tenth of what it is in the United States or United Kingdom. The cost of cardiac surgery in India also varies with the type of procedure, medical condition of the patient, seniority of the heart surgeon, facility and the city in which you chose to get the cardiac surgery done. Normally, the cost of cardiac surgery in India starts from $4,500 and it also varies according to many other factors. The individual case manager designs personalized and tailor made plan for every patient and also provides specific time and cost of cardiac surgery in India.  

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