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Surgery Tours India facilitates medical tourism in a very significant manner. Every year, many people come to India for medical treatment. The number is quite high and is rising day by day. The people travelling to India for medical treatment seek quality treatment which is best served by us. There are many diseases which are being treated in India. Low cost knee implants is also forte of the Indian medical system. Knee Replacement

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Who needs knee replacement surgery?
The knee is very important part of the body. It is where whole of the body rests. It carries the weight of entire body. The Knee replacement surgery in India is performed when the arthritis starts causing pain, stiffness, instability and loss of function that starts affecting the daily life and activities. In the healthy knee, the end part of the thigh and shin bones is covered with hard cartilage which helps the bones to freely move against each other.
During the knee surgery in India, the damaged ends of the bones and the cartilage are substituted with metal and plastic parts. The plastic does the function of hard cartilage. It helps the joints to work freely. The knee placement is not the only solution and it generally advised to live on medication. Normally, in arthritis, medicinal treatment, physiotherapy and weight loss is also advised. If the disease is managed by these treatments then it is advisable to postpone the knee replacement surgery.

The surgeons are in a best position to advice about the Knee Surgeryknee replacement surgery in India. They can easily make out whether other options of treatment are enough for you or not. They will also advice you when surgery is inevitable. They look into many different factors before deciding to go for best knee replacement surgery. The factors which are looked into before going for knee surgery are age, health and level of activity.
In some cases, knee implant surgery is not possible even if they badly require it. The surgery is not possible when the thigh muscles are very weak and it may not be able to support your knee joints. It is also not possible in case where there are open sores in the skin below your knee.

What are different kinds of knee replacement surgery?Knee Joint Replacement
There are many different kinds of knee replacement surgery that is available these days. There are also different kinds of surgical procedure which are followed during the knee replacement surgery. The doctors are in best position to decide for the line of treatment. They select from different kinds of knee replacement surgeries and also chose the surgical procedure suiting to the patient’s condition. The overall health is also taken into account before making the final decision.
There are mainly four kinds of knee replacement surgeries. They are total knee replacement, unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement, kneecap replacement and complex or revision knee replacement. The best line of treatment is chosen according to patient’s condition and overall health. Age is also important factor which is taken into consideration before making the final decision about the surgery.

What is total knee replacement and partial knee replacement?Knee Implants
In the total knee replacement surgery, it is required to replace the joint surfaces at the end of thigh bone and at the top of shin bone. It is also known as full knee replacement. It is also required to replace the under surface of kneecap with a smooth plastic dome. The surgeons use cement to join the new parts. If cement is not used then the surface of device facing the bone is textured or coated to encourage the bone to naturally grow in it. It is generally encouraged that it should take a natural bond.
Partial knee replacement is also an option for patients. The knee is divided into three components. The three components are medial, lateral and patellofemoral. When during the arthritis, the two or more components are damaged then total knee replacement is recommended. On the other hand, when one of the components is damaged then partial knee replacement is recommended. Normally, partial knee replacement is done on medial.

What happens after the knee replacement surgery?
Knee Replacement Normally, people are discharged from hospital within one to four days after the surgery. The wound care is required after the surgery. The people undergoing surgery needs to consult the surgeon after six weeks for routine progress check up. The physiotherapy or occupational therapy is required on a daily basis. The patient can return to his job after six to eight weeks from the knee replacement surgery. However, the knee will continue to recover for two years after the operation. Any stiffness, pain and infection should be taken care well. One will also require crutches to move during first few weeks of operation.
In general, there is no complication after the surgery but some people face complications. And, those are blood clots, wound haematoma (bleeding), infection, dislocation, bone fracture, nerve or ligament damage, wear, loosening, stiffness and pain. The surgeons are required to be consulted in case of hot, red, hard or painful areas in the legs after few weeks. Chest pain and breathlessness should also be taken care well and surgeons should be consulted. India offers low cost knee joint replacement. The knee surgery in India costs around Rs 60,000-1,30,000. Though, it also varies from case to case and depends upon the overall health of the patients. In some cases, it could also be Rs 1,80,000.

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