Liver Transplant

Among the many new dimensions of global medical business, medical tourism is one that has gained a lot of momentum over the last few years. Liver transplant in IndiaMany developing countries like India, Costa Rica, Cuba, Malaysia, Hungary, Thailand, South Africa and the Phillipines have opened up their facilities to the global population to come down and get treated. Many factors have contributed to such a growth in these few countries in particular, some of which are:-
  • Low cost hospitalization facilities available.
  • People in these countries are cordial in nature.
  • World class airport facilities available to take away the patient comfortably.
  • Global connectivity of most of the airports to all other major international airpots.
  • Highly qualified doctors available with a great deal of experience.
  • Well trained nursing staff available.
Among the companies that are leaders in medical tourism in India, Surgery Tours India is the best. We not only ensure the best of medical facilities at the cheapest of costs in India, we also take care of other allied necessities. With us, you are sure to get the best of services and the peace of mind for your patient.

Our medical tourism services

In medical tourism, one needs a lot of assistance for many other things besides the medical needs. One needs to arrange for India medical visas, pick up facilities at the airports, and stay at hotels for those accompanying the patent. One also needs to arrange for post hospitalization stay for a few days or weks as is prescribed by the doctors.

We at Surgery Tours India give equal importance to these factors besides the medical care. We offer our services as a package that includes picking the right hospital, arranging for visas and post hospitalization stay, and all other paraphernalia.

Our Motto
Our principle aim is to make sure our patients return fit and happy. They must have a wonderful experience while visiting India and must appreciate the facilities out here. Thus, our team of highly qualified doctors and cordial support staffs make sure our clients experience the best of times with us through Communication, Transparency and Education.

We can be reached at over email and over phone at +91 124 403 8181. One requested for, we make sure to provide you with at least three quotes from among the leading hospitals in India. The costs quoted are no obligation treatment estimates that remain more or less accurate throughout the process. Along with that the zero cost assistance service available 24X7 to help in arranging for visa, accommodation for stay in India for those accompanying, pick-up facilities from airport, etc.

Medical treatments covered
The experienced band of able medicos make sure to treat the most difficult of diseases. India is well known for its medical treatments since ages and the band of highly qualified doctors keep the tradition going on even today.besides orthpedic surgeries, spine neuro surgeries and heart surgeries, we serve to patients for cancer treatments and liver transplantation in India as well.

Among all the diseases treated, we have a very good wing to take care of liver transplantation. India has gone ahead by miles over the last few decades in treating liver anomalies and the latest digital technologies used in treating liver problems are unique that can hardly be found elsewhere at such cost effective rates.

Specilizing in liver treatments
Liver is one of the major organs of the body. It controls the whole of food digestion and if it goes wrong, one is affected too badly. One faces indigestion and starts losing health, besides the pain. Liver anomalies are often caused due to alcoholism. Excessive alcohol intake over a long period of time or from an early age can damage the liver permanently over time. Tea and coffee if taken excessively can also damage the same.

In case of total liver failure, there is no other way left than going for liver transplant. It is a major operation that requires a lot of precaution as well as time, and post hospitalization stay is of great importance. One has to stay on for quite some time to find out if the patient recovers well and if the transplant is compatible to her/his body.

Cost effective care available
Liver transplants for alcoholics can be a really cosly affair. Not only is the process a costly one, the allied factors like post operation stay also involves quite a bit of money. Such a high cost treatment can be made cost effective only in India. Surgery Tours India make it possible to have cost effective liver transplant done in India. Starting form operative costs to post hospitalization cure and stay, everything is possible to be arranged at the lowest of costs here. The database and contacts required for such a thing to happen are there with us, and we make sure our clients get the best out of our hospitalit, contacts and doctors.

More than expected assistance and help
India is well known for its hospitality to the guests. We at Surgery Tours India make the legacy going on by ensuring our zero cost assistance over phones and emails continuously from beginning till the end of the medical tour. We arrange for airport pick up and drops as well as arranging for stay before and after hospitalization.

No waiting time for urgent cases
Caes like pediatric liver transplant are extremely urgent ones that cannot have a waiting time. But in most countries, owing to the heavy rush, there is no other option left.

Caes like pediatric liver transplant are extremely urgent ones that cannot have a waiting time. But in most countries, owing to the heavy rush, there is no other option left.

Being a huge country with multiple megacities, India has millions of options for getting the right treatment on time. We through our sense network of contacts at Surgery Tours India make sure no patient with urgent cases of cadaver liver transplant India have a waiting time. Our team can arrange for at least three hospitals at any time to quote the best prices for urgent orthotopic liver transplant cases. Even in cases of partial liver transplant that is extremely urgent, we can boast of not offering any patient the waiting time for even a single day.

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