I am very much afraid while coming to india, But after meeting the doctor and staff, I feel good and confident that I am in a good hand. The care and love I get here, I can’t describe it in words. “Thanks Nepal ki beti sanju”, for there wonderful support and care.

Treatment – Hernia
Patient name- Shree Ram sigdal

Nationality – Nepal

One of our patient who came to India for his treatment, he call us to Uzbekistan and give us a warm welcome. He introduce us to his country, family, friends etc. “Global Medical solution” believes in building relationships. He got so satisfied with our services that he visited India again.

Treatment Ė Arthroscopy
Patient name- Jasour

Nationality Ė Uzbekistan

I am worried for my son , he is just 1.5yr old. Due to hope I came through Mr. Saadhullah to fortis hospital. I like the services, way of treatment. Now I have to come again after six months.

Treatment – Neurology case
Patient name- Alkhaldi Abdullah saud
Country – Saudi Arabia

People in India are very good.  Doctors in Blk Hospital are very nice. Imran provides me full support and attention. I also visited to Taj Mahal. Wonderful people around, Nice meeting with all of them. I like the services. Would recommend that must come to India for your treatment. Imran and their meet will help you.

Treatment –  CABG
Patient name- Norsaid Djumaev

Country – Uzbekistan

Me and my family came to india fororthopedic surgery. In simple term I would say clean and family environment , cost effective. I found a new family here called “Global medical Solution”. Also I am taking away the sweet memory from them.  Only recommendation for anyone getting a ortho treatment  wheather it be your home place or anywhere else, make sure you and your doctor understand what you want out of your surgery before you get it done. And this I get it only because of my new family. I am so attached to my family now. In the last I really assure you that I would like to tell my friends about your competent doctors, beautiful hospitals, all the facilities.

Treatment – Ortho
Patient name- Nemat Ibrahim abdelrahman

Country – Sudan

Global medical solution and its team is one of the best team I have heard and has done full job upto my satisfaction. Whole team is available round the clock and special thanks to Mr Tarique Nawab for their moral support for such a big surgery. I found doctors are also too good, they listen to u properly and recall you by name and it’s a big deal, knowing a patient by their name even at late night is really a appreciation. I had a nice experience.

Patient name- Davranbek Mir- radjiev

Country- Uzbekistan

I am highly grateful to the people in Global medical solution for providing me the best treatment line and cost. Its because of your concern shown towards me make me to come India for my treatment. I am happy with my surgery success and full thanks to all.

Treatment- Gastroenterology
Patient name- Baymatov ulugbek

Country- Uzbekistan

I send my reports to Mr Imran khan as I have knee pain. I send me the best treatment line and cost for my knee replacement. I really appreciate the efforts they took for me. Their team is also very supportive. They assign me one case manager Mr Abdul wadood with me, he was with me all the time. He helped me a lot, even if I wanted to take a second opinion. He was with me all the time. Finally my surgery is success and now I am going home back happily.

Treatment line- Knee Replacement
Patient name- Ruzmetov bakhodir

Country – Uzbekistan

I really feel Grateful to Global medical solution and its team for such a quick response, excellent professional work and empathetic care.Sisters staff is very efficient and active doctors are very good. Cleaning staff is very polite. Had anice stay and treatment was excellent. Thanks for everything.

Treatment – Urology
Patient name- Mohammad Talal

Country- Iraq

Nice experience, Global medical solution is first class all the way, everything went smoothly from the timei checked out. 100% happy with my result would recommend to anyone. The facilities and treatment I received whilist there where better than any I have ever received before.

Treatment – CABG
Patient name- Hassan Azeez

Country – Iraq

I came to India on request of Mr. Imran khan, but I think it is the best decision I had taken so far. I donít even know the language, it is so difficult for me to manage. But whole team has took so much efforts for me. I am so happy now. I came for my knee replacement, and now I can walk without pain. Thank you Imran and their team.

Treatment –Knee Replacement
Patient name- Nuri Soatkhanova

Country- Uzbekistan

Special Thanks to srishti , she is wonderful person. I visited India for my motherís treatment , mine was just normal treatment but on my check-up i get to know some problems and solution is only surgery. I was so worried at that time but a big thanks to hospital, doctors, service staff.

Treatment –Gynaecology
Patient name- Naudira

Country –Uzbekistan

Simply first class. It was fun in india. Doctors, nursing staff all are friendly and caring. They told me the correct picture of my condition and what they said , they did. My surgery was good with no marks which really impress me.. Thank you Mr Imran khan and Srishti for your supports.

Treatment –Orthopedists
Patient name- Lazizkhaon

Country- Uzbekistan

I would really like to thank the staff at fortis Hospital who were professional, throughout my stay in hospital. I found every thing good and professional. Would like recommend every one to come india for their treatment via Imran khan and their team .

Treatment –Ortho
Patient name- yunusova

Country –Uzbekistan

My son has a eye problem so I came to india for my son. I really like the doctors and services, treatment is very good. Doctor called me again after 4 months. I will again visit !!

Treatment –Opthalmology
Patient name- Janab Ali

Country- Iraq

Firstly thanks for the team for your support and wonderful team efforts towards me and my family. Me and my family came for individual health check-ups and for my sonís hepatitis B treatment. I met very good doctors as well as took second opinion for my assurance. And all this happen only with the help of Mr Imran khan and srishti. Thank you.

Treatment –Health Check –up
Patient name- Zeelola

Country –Uzbekistan

Me and my son came to india for my sonís eye treatment, when I went to Blk hospital, doctor says no to my son for his treatment they say nothing to do with his eye. I first time feel so helpless that I am not able to do anything and wanted to go back just next day but Mr Imran he helped me and bring some hope in me. He consulted us to atleast three different doctors for further opinion and Allah has listen to me , we find the treatment from the doctors. Now I am happy and going back to Uzbekistan. Thank you Imran.

Treatment – Eye
Patient name- Ikhtiyor

Country- Uzbekistan

My greatest strength in india is sanju pant, who convinced me to come india for treatment and I must say if she would not forced me to come and I never get to know about my kidney problem. Now i will go for kidney transplant. Thank you so much sanju didi, you are the greatest support for me.

Treatment –Kidney Transplant
Patient name- Prasil Gautam

Country –Nepal