Tonsil Cancer Treatment in India

About Tonsil Cancer:

Tonsil cancer is one of the head and neck cancers which develops in the Oropharynx, which is located at the back of your throat.

Risk Factors:

Some individuals are more likely to get tonsil cancer because of their lifestyle.

  • Alcohol and tobacco: Smoking and regular drinking can increase the risk of tonsil cancer, especially when you drink and smoke together
  • Infections: If you are infected with the virus HPV (Human Papilloma virus) or HIV, you are at an increased risk of getting the cancer
  • Age: More common in people above the age of 50
  • You are also likely to get tonsil cancer if you have had an organ transplant)
  • Chewing Betel quid (paan) is also considered to increase the cancer risk


  • Sores in the backside of the mouth that does not heal easily
  • Swollen tonsil with different sizes
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
  • Bad breath and hoarseness
  • Ear and throat pain


The first step is to get a proper health history followed by-

  • Needle aspiration biopsy: A small amount of tissue is taken out of the tonsils and examined under the microscope
  • Blood tests
  • X-ray: To determine if the tumor is spread to the lungs or not.
  • Imaging tests: MRI and CT Scans, to find out if the tumor has spread to the other parts of the body


You can lower the risk of tonsil cancer by-

  • Avoiding betel quid (paan)
  • Quitting use of tobacco products including smokeless tobacco
  • Reducing your alcohol intake
  • Avoiding unprotected sex/ oral sex
  • Increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet


At Surgery Tours India, a team of experienced doctors carefully decide the treatment based on the patients reports. The treatment used at the Center works on the principle of Immunotherapy, a therapy that enhances the immune system to fight cancer. It brings prompt succour and relief in all patients and can also be effectively used in conjunction with other traditional therapies like Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. When the medicines act on cancer, patients get a better quality of life even in the advanced stages and their chances of survival also improve.

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