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Best Orthopedic Surgeon in India

Top Orthopedic Doctors in India

Dr. P.S. Gill

Dr. P.S. Gill is a Joint replacement and trauma surgeon from New Delhi (India) providing best services in all type of joint replacements. He is a well known Orthopedic surgeon from New Delhi practicing joint replacement surgeries like knee replacement and hip replacement from last 21 years.

In his joint replacement surgeries, Dr. Gill is Uses advance medical techniques to reduce hospitalization and speed recovery for his patients and having great knowledge about current and upcoming technologies proposed for joint replacement surgeries.

Medical Education

He completed his M.B.B.S from Maulana Azad Medical College New Delhi in 1987 and his Post- Graduation in Orthopedics from Central Institute of Orthopedics Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi in 1990. After completing his post graduation, during His practicing, he was actively involved in teaching of post graduate students.

21 years of experience as an Orthopedic specialist

In the last 21 years Dr. Gill achieved a marvelous reputation as an orthopedic specialist and able to take different challenges related to joint replacements.

Since beginning his practice in 1990, Dr.Gill performed different joint replacement surgeries including knee and hip surgeries as well as also worked for different well known and prestigious health care hospitals. He uses latest replacement techniques for hip replacement surgeries.

He attended a clinical fellowship program at Singapore and worked in Italy.

In his great medical carrier he faced different varieties of poly-trauma cases along with advance knee and hip replacement arthroplasties.

Ability to handle complex cases

He can deal with complex cases because of his great medical experience and supportive team members.

He worked with different hospitals where he faced many complex cases and did successful surgeries in last 21 years.


He is one of the surgeons in India who did BI-LATERAL TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT ARTHOPLASTY IN HAEMOPHILIAC ARTHIRITIES. In this case the patient was suffering from severe pain in his both the knees and his knees were unable to do any function. With his supportive team members Dr. Gill successfully treated his patient and now his patient is pain free and able to do his daily activities.


Also he successfully operated his Tanzanian patient who was suffering from PARAPARESIS. It was really a difficult surgery where patient can lose strength in their limbs and can become bed ridden for whole life but with his team, Dr. Gill operated it successfully and patient is now able to walk and sit without any body's help and living a normal life.

Expertise in joint replacements

Dr. Gill carrying expertise in all types of joint replacements. He is completely aware about the recent advances and upcoming technologies in the field of arthopeadice. He is continuously upgrading his knowledge as a surgeon by attending various training courses, medical conferences and workshops.

Dr. Gill conducted over 5000 knee and hip replacement arthroplasties in last 21 years. He practiced evidence based medicine (EBM) and able to modify and evolve tailored management plans for specific clinical situations.

Discussing cases with team members

Dr. Gill is not only a good surgeon but also a very good team member. He always discuss about his medical cases with other doctors and do regular checkup of their patients so that he can analyze the situation and patient recovery.

He Also discuss about the upcoming trends occurs in medical field and how these technologies can help people to live healthy and happy life.

Top Orthopedic Doctors in India

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