Bone Graft Surgery

What is Dental Bone Grafting Surgery ?

Cosmetic dentistry is inclusive of various kinds of treatments and procedures for the patient who is looking for improvement in dental structure. As far as bone grafting is concerned, it is one of the most popular choices for the restoration of chewing function and appearance of an individual who is suffering from any kind of damage due to any periodontal disease or injury. Many times, it becomes a necessary replacement of dental implants.

Types of Bone Grafting - Dental Implant

Any sort of bone grafts can be, depending on the individual's condition. It has three types:

Autogenous bone - These are the best materials which are procured from an individual's own body that helps in the prevention of the rejection of any kind of transplanted material. Taken from places like chin, jawbone or hip.

Allografts - These are mostly taken from bone of another individual, mostly cadavers.

Xenografts- These are bone transplants done by using other species, like pigs or cows.

In most of the cases, the surgeon tries to use the individual's own bone for the purpose of repairing.

Who Should Consider Dental Bone Grafting

Many people experience loss of bone loss because of trauma, infection or pro-longed disease, such people gets benefits from bone graft surgeries and procedures. The techniques of grafting help in prevention of any sort of added bone loss and also help in recovering chewing function and also enhancement in speech.

Sometimes, bone grafts become necessary before dental implants or implantation restoration is done as if there is no proper bone structure, dental implants cannot be successful.

Bone Grafting Dental Procedures

Following are bone grafting procedures :

Block bone grafting - In this process, to screw into the required section or to position where the dental implant has to be placed, a block of bone is removed from an area of the body. It should be in place for four- six months before an implant is done.

Bone expansion- It helps in the placement of larger dental implants in areas such as front of upper jaws. When bone expands and stretches, it helps bone expansion techniques in creating larger surface areas for future dental implant insertion.

Sinus lift graft - The sinus membranes are lifted by the dentist upward so that the donor bone can be inserted properly in the floor of the sinus.

Socket preservation - Every tooth is held within a tooth socket, after teeth fall out or are removed, the bone in the remaining socket starts degeneration. It helps in reduction of bone loss.

Guided tissue regeneration - For preventing the gum tissues to grow over bone grafts, a membrane barrier is used for covering surgical spaces, blocking the gum tissues from growing in those areas.

After Care for Dental Bone Graft

  • After the bone grafting is over, the patient is prescribed some antibiotics, pain medication and an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • The patient should avoid certain hard foodstuff.
  • One should not put pressure on the bone graft area while during healing.
  • People who wear a denture, they might not be able to wear it for a month or so.
  • In case there are natural teeth near bone graft, a temporary removable bridge or denture is placed for protecting the area.

Benefits of Bone Graft for Dental Implants

Bone graft helps in convenient placement of a dental implant as till the time there is no strong bone support beneath, dental implants do not become a success. It is a necessary step for a person whose bone structure is not strong and wants to get dental implants done.

Bone Grafting Cost in India

The cost of bone grafts for dental implants largely depends on the type of graft, one is going to get. This treatment can be quite expensive many times if one gets it done in the UK, USA and other western countries. Bone grafting cost in India is quite low in comparison to these countries and that too with maintenance of same kind standards of quality. Your treatment is done in state-of-the-art hospitality by experts dental surgeons in top-notch JCI-accredited hospitals.

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