Prof Dr. J M Hans Padmashri Awardee

Prof Dr. J M Hans Padmashri Awardee

DLO, MS (ENT) PGI, Chandigarh


ENT & Cochlear Implants

Padmashri awardee Dr. (Prof.) J. M. Hans, an internationally acclaimed ENT surgeon, is a topper and medalist from PGI Chandigarh. Dr. Hans has done pioneering work in the field of Cochlear Implant Surgery and has done more than 2000 cochlear implants in his center, around the country and also in SAARC countries. He is the Founder Member of the Cochlear Implant Group of India. Dr. Hans is an Honorary ENT Consultant to the ex Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Apart from doing all surgeries for Deafness including Auditory Brain Stem Implants, he specializes in Tracheal Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery of the nose, Endoscopic Surgery of Tracheobronchus and Oesophagus etc.

Past Experience

He brings with him a vast experience of over 34 years in the ENT & Cochlear Implants.

  • He is Advisor to UPSC and WHO.
  • He has pioneered the minimally invasive technique for Cochlear Implantation in India.
  • He is a visiting Cochlear Implant surgeon to the Medical Colleges of Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, PGI Chandigarh etc., to perform CI surgery on deaf and dumb children.
  • He is also Advisor, Cochlear Implant Surgery to Pingalwara Trust in Amritsar.
  • Member ADIP, Committee of Cochlear Implant, Govt. of India.
  • Member Executive Council AIISH Mysore.
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