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Best Surgical Options for Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Treatment

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While thin lips are a cause of concern for many women, full and sensual lips are normally considered ideal. Lip augmentation is an ideal cosmetic surgery option which use dermal fillers or lip implants for plumping thin lips and enhancing profile of the entire face. Lip augmentation effectively increases lip volume and fills age related creasing along the borders of lips. Moreover, recovery time following lip augmentation cosmetic surgery is typically short and therefore considered as an ideal treatment for making a face visually appealing. Women, who are considering themselves as good candidates for lip augmentation should evaluate the risks and benefits of this cosmetic surgery before undergoing treatment.

Good Candidates for Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery

Both, adult men and women of any age are good candidates for lip augmentation cosmetic surgery. Individuals with naturally thin lips desiring increase in lip volume can typically derive exceptionally good results from lip augmentation surgery. However, people wanting to undergo this cosmetic procedure should be in overall good health and have reasonable expectations from this treatment. Most plastic surgeons show before and after images to patients in order to display results of the procedure the person is seeking to undergo.

Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

There are several methods through which a person can seek lip enhancement. Treatment options offered by plastic surgeons normally depend upon the aesthetic goals and recovery time which is expected by the patient. In some cases, it may be appropriate to undergo two or more of the following procedures for the patient in order to realize the right look which is expected by them.

  • Fat Transfer Injections - Fat for this procedure can be extracted from other parts of the patient's body through liposuction and subsequently injected into the lips. However, the procedure may be repeated until the time the patient gets the desired result.
  • Dermal Filler Injections - These are normally made from natural or synthetic biocompatible substances which act as substitute for fat in order to enhance the shape and size of lips. While results may be temporary and require repeating, one treatment session is usually sufficient in order to obtain the desired results.
  • Dermal Graft Surgery - This is a permanent lip augmentation procedure which is surgically accomplished by advancing the lip forwards with help of incisions which are placed inside mouth. In order to add plumpness to lips, fat graft which is obtained from deeper layers of skin are positioned under the lining of the lip.
  • Vermillion Advancement Surgery - This cosmetic surgery involves an incision placed along the border of the colored portion of lips. Vermillion advancement lip surgery removes a strip of skin out of the border while pulling the colored portion in order to increase area of the lips.
  • Lip Implant Surgery - Several natural or synthetic lip implant options are available to choose from and which can be inserted through tiny incisions which are made at the corners of the mouth. Patients can discuss the choice of the best implant option with the plastic surgeon.
  • Lip Lift Surgery - This cosmetic surgery will effectively help patients having loose skin or a downward sloping mouth. Lip lift surgery will effectively shorten skin under nose in order to pull up lips. Extremely small sutures are used during this cosmetic procedure and which are removed after 4 - 5 days of time.

Cosmetic Surgery in India is Reasonably Priced

Cosmetic surgery in India is an excellent option for international patients seeking good quality of aesthetic plastic procedures at affordable costs. Healthcare including cosmetic surgery in developed countries is a cause of concern for the common man because they are exorbitantly taxed. This is the prime reason as to why more and more people are seeking affordable healthcare options beyond their homeland. Cosmetic surgery cost in India is a pleasant surprise for the overseas patient as it is just a fraction of what it costs in developed countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, while the quality of procedures is at par with the best in the world.

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