IVF Treatment (In-Vitro Fertilization) in India

Infertility is no more a curse to couples with the development of latest technologies and medical treatments. There are various forms of infertility treatments in India by which women could conceive a child. The inability to conceive naturally gives way to assisted medical reproduction process. One way to get medical assistance for such couples is called the In Vitro fertilization or IVF, widely known as test tube baby. It is most widely used process all around the globe.

In Vitro Fertilization is a form of Artificial Reproductive Technology where medical techniques are undertaken for embryo transfer or plantations.

What is IVF ?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive treatment that is one of the commonly used fertility treatments. This involves fertilizing an ovum in a laboratory dish, after which the embryo is transferred into a woman's uterus.

Who should consider IVF treatment ?

According to statistics, couples under the age of 35, who are continuously trying to conceive after unprotected intercourse for more than a year or six months but there have been no results are perfect candidates for IVF. Though there is no age limit for the process, but many institutions may consider your age.

The infertility disorders that can be treated with IVF are:

  • Sperm-related problems or low sperm count
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Treatment Procedure

Following are five steps in IVF and embryo transfer:

  • A. Observing the development of ripening egg(s) in the ovaries
  • B. Collecting the eggs
  • C. Getting the sperm
  • D. Keeping eggs and sperm together in the lab while giving them appropriate conditions for fertilization and initial growth of the embryo
  • E. Transfer of the embryos into the uterus

For controlling the timing of ripening of egg and increasing chances of quality egg collection, fertility drugs medication is prescribed depending on an individual. Before the determination of egg etrieval schedule, an ultrasound of the ovaries is done for check development of eggs and a blood/urine test is done for measuring hormone levels.

The Egg Retrieval Process

This process is undertaken trans-vaginally with the use of a hollow needle that is guided by the ultrasound image. Then using the needle, the eggs are removed from the ovaries (follicular aspiration). The timing of this process should be perfect that is, it does not happen early or too.

Now in the lab, these eggs are kept with the sperm in incubators for the fertilization process. This process is checked at regular intervals for ensuring that fertilization and cell division is happening and an embryo is formed. The embryos are usually transferred into the uterus within 2 or 3 days after egg retrieval. A speculum is inserted into the vagina to expose the neck of the womb (cervix). After the transfer there is a resting period, blood tests and ultrasounds are done for verifying if there is possible pregnancy.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI

ICSI is an ART which used to treat sperm-related infertility problems. It is used for the enhancement of the fertilization phase of IVF by injecting a single sperm into the matured egg. This fertilized egg is then transferred into the uterus or fallopian tube of the woman.

Benefits, Success rate and Support

A major benefit of IVF is that it enables an infertile couple to have a baby. Second is that it reduces the requirements of the surgery of the fallopian tubes.

For the whole IVF process to become a success, It is extremely important that one achieves success at every step. To gain the best possible benefit it is necessary that the infertile couple gets the right treatment at the right time (age).

Another important thing is that such a couple should come forward without any apprehension to discuss their problem with the doctors. At, SurgeryToursIndia, you can get complete support of all sorts.

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