Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar Spine Surgery

Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar Spine Surgery

Replacement Lumbar Spine Surgery

Artificial disc replacement lumbar spine surgery is one of the most modern forms of surgical treatment of chronic lower back pain being caused by a worn out or damaged inter-vertebral disc. This surgery uses a vertebral disc implant made from synthetic materials to replace the worn out inter-vertebral disc.

How Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar Spine Surgery works?

This spine surgery works by replacing the damaged inter-vertebral disc with an artificial implant made of medical-grade plastic or titanium alloy. This disc mimics the natural disc in form and function and restores the lost motion and strength to the lower back.

The complete inter-vertebral disc is replaced with the artificial implant and is one of the more common orthopedic procedures worldwide.

Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar Spine Surgery procedures

An inter-vertebral disc is responsible for providing cushioning and movement to the two consecutive vertebras. Wear and tear due to old age or damage to the disc due to a severe injury in the lumbar spinal region gives rise to chronic lower back pain and restricts movement of the spine. In cases where other non-surgical methods for relieving the symptoms of disc degeneration are not successful then the orthopedic specialist might advise you to undergo an artificial disc replacement of the lumbar spine surgery to replace the damaged disc with an artificial implant.

This is a major type of surgical procedure and is performed by putting the patient under general anesthesia. The orthopedic surgeon starts the surgery with an incision in the abdomen to access the lumbar spine (lower vertebras). This is known as an 'anterior approach' and the surgeon will have to shift aside all the underlying blood vessels, organs, tissues, etc to gain clear access to the spinal column from the front. This approach helps the surgeon avoid moving the nerves in the lower back and thus prevent risk of nerve damage.

After having gained access to the spinal column from the front the surgeon will then use a medical clamp to increase the space between the two consecutive vertebras and remove the damaged disc. The replacement artificial disc is made to resemble a natural inter-vertebral disc in shape and size and is composed of metal as well as a mix of metal and plastic. There are a number of various disc designs available but they all work to restore cushioning to the vertebras as well as allowing movement in the spine. The surgeon will then replace the damaged disc and the incisions will be closed after arranging all the shifted tissues, blood vessels, organs, etc back to their original position.

As this does not require any type of bone healing most patients are advised to start walking under the doctor's supervision the day after the surgery.

Who is a candidate for Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar Spine Surgery?

If you are suffering from constant pain in the lower back region after an injury it is advisable to consult an experienced orthopedic specialist to determine the cause. The orthopedic specialist will advise you to initially undergo several imaging tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT) scan or discography and x-ray tests to help determine the cause of the lower back pain.

You are considered an ideal candidate for an artificial disc replacement lumbar spine surgery, if:

  • You have constant back pain being caused by one or more damaged inter-vertebral discs.
  • There is no visible facet joint disease or a compressed nerve that is causing the lower back pain.
  • You are not morbidly obese.
  • You have not undergone any major surgery in the lumbar (lower) region of your spinal column.
  • .
  • You do not have scoliosis.

Benefits of Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar Spine surgery in India

The major benefit of an artificial disc replacement lumbar spine surgery is that it relieves you of the constant lower back pain permanently.

The artificial disc replacement surgery for the lumbar spine region is a better alternative to spinal fusion as this restores and retains the movements between the vertebras.

There is less than 1% chances of breakage to the artificial disc implant as seen in various studies and live cases.

The artificial disc replacement lumbar spine surgery is one of the more extensive orthopedic implant procedures and is most successful completely when performed by an experienced and well-trained orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic specialist doctors and surgeons in India have the most amounts of experience as well as extensive training in the latest medical procedures.

Complications in Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar Spine Surgery

As in any other similar major surgical procedure the artificial disc replacement lumbar spine surgery also faces certain risks in a few cases. These complications may be seen singularly or in combination with others in rare cases. These are:

  • Anesthetic allergy
  • Blood clots
  • Silent heart disease in case of underlying heart condition
  • Implant rejection by the immune system
  • Damage to the implants
  • Infections
  • Neck/arm pain
  • Swallowing problems
  • Nerve injury
  • Paralysis
  • Numbness/tingling
  • Tissue swelling

The orthopedic specialist and the surgeon will ensure that all possible precautions and preventive efforts are undertaken to avoid any of the above stated risks from arising.

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