Knee Replacement Surgery in India

What is Total Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure wherein diseased knee is treated by removing the damaged cartilage and bone and replacing it with synthetic one. The materials used to create an artificial joint are made up of metal (titanium or cobalt chrome) and are strong and long lasting. Since they produce less friction, they are optimal for joint function.

What is the cause of knee joint disintegration?

One of the major reasons that affect the knee joint and hinder routine activities is Arthritis. The slowly wearing condition of the tissue on the ends of the bones leads to reduction of joint space, severe joint pain, regular shifts in bone movement and friction in the exposed bone surface. There are three types of arthritis:-


Osteoarthritis occurs from 'wear and tear' and is the most common reason for the total knee replacement. It usually occurs after the age of 50 and is a genetic problem. When the tissue covering the bones softens and wears away, the bone began to rub against each other and leads to severe pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

When the tissues surrounding the bone releases excessive fluid due to inflammation, it causes damage to cartilage and other parts of the joint and causes pain and stiffness.

Traumatic Arthritis

This type of arthritis usually occurs after a serious knee injury. Due to the knee fracture, the connective tissue and the tissue covering the ends of the bone wears away, resulting in pain and stiffness.

Who is the ideal candidate For Knee Replacement?

If a person experiences daily pain that hinders work, recreation and daily activities of routine life, he/ she may be considered for a total knee replacement. Most people undergo knee replacement after the age of 50 but sometimes the knee replacement is also considered by younger lot if their knee condition is severely affected.

  • Complete history and physical examination of the candidate
  • X-ray examination to assess the total amount of damage caused
  • Blood tests are also >done to prevent inflammatory arthritis

Types of Knee Replacement

There are four types of Knee Replacement procedures:

Partial Knee Replacement

It is a minimally invasive procedure wherein a single part of the affected is removed and replaced with the metal implant. It is also known as uni -compartmental knee arthroplasty and most often considered for patients suffering from Osteoarthritis.

Rotating Knee Replacement

With the Rotating Knee Replacement, the metal implant installed not only move back and forth but can also rotate inwards and outwards. This procedure has been designed to replicate the rotating motion of a normal knee joint.

Gender Specific Knee Replacement

It is a special technique of knee replacement wherein the implants are designed in a similar manner for both men and women but their average differs. The concept behind this procedure is that if implant properly imitates the normal anatomy, it will allow better function and better stability.

Custom Knee Replacement

It is another type of knee replacement procedure wherein MRI is taken first and customized incision guides are prepared for the patient. It enables the surgeon to do precise removal and replacement of the knee joint.

Oxinium Total Knee Replacement

In Oxinium Total Knee Replacement, the surgeons treat the knee injuries in young men and women. Owing to their high activity levels, most conventional knee implants last only for 10 to 15 years. Oxinium knee implants offer a durability of 30 to 35 years at at a stretch. These implants are designed of metal composites made up of ceramic and coated with oxygen which made them extremely durable and long lasting.

Benefits and Post operative care

The advantages of Total Knee Replacement are pain relief, improved mobility and improved quality of life. During your stay in the hospital, a physiotherapist will teach you exercises to make your knee stronger. You stay in the hospital will not be more than 6 to 10 days. Usually, patients who undergo half knee replacement have a shorter hospital stay.

Cost of Knee replacement Surgery in India

The cost of Total Knee Replacement in India is quite inexpensice as compared to West. Even the Oxinium Knee Replacement procedure can cost up to $ 75,000 in U.S.A whereas in India, the cost is quite low.

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