Lasik Eye Surgery in India

What is Lasik Laser Eye Surgery ?

LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) is one of the most popular techniques used to correct the vision. The procedure is meant for those people who have astigmatism or are either farsighted or nearsighted. The reshaping of the cornea (front clear part of the eye) is done in order to make a proper focus of the light travelling from the cornea to the retina. It is regarded as one of the procedures which is done for reshaping the cornea. This eye surgery procedure takes very less time and is regarded as a very safe procedure. Also referred to as refractive surgery, it can be categorized in terms of technique namely flap and non-flap techniques. It is a flap technique that includes lifting up of corneal flap so as to remove the underneath tissue.

Types of LASIK Eye Treatment

Custom LASIK : This treatment makes use of the WaveFront analyzer technique creates a detailed customized mapping to study the even the little imperfections of the eye. This detailed study helps the surgeons in eliminating the complications of laser vision correction like halos or glares. This procedure has proved itself the best quality vision correction procedure for many people.

Blended Vision : This surgery meant for those people who are suffering from presbyopia and who did not prefer to wear bifocals or glasses. The aim of this procedure is to correct one eye to see for distance while the other eye is meant for close-up vision. The eye that is treated to seeing in distance works when the patient looks at a distance. And when the other is treated to seeing close-up vision works when the patient looks down to read.

Standard LASIK : The surgeon in this surgery sculpts the patients' corneal tissue by using computer guided lasers in order to correct vision impairment. The patients having standard to small size pupils are recommended for this surgery.

All Laser LASIK : This is a type of minimally invasive LASIK surgery. This surgery does not involve the use of blades unlike the conventional LASIK approach. This surgery rather creates a corneal flap by using lasers in order to get more precision. All LASIK surgery is also meant for those people who were earlier ineligible to receive LASIK because of thin corneas.

Who should consider LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

The ideal candidates are those who have healthy eyes and never has any previous eye surgery. It also includes those candidates who are looking to correct astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. The candidates should also have stable vision. People who are taking any medication are not eligible for LASIK.

How does LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Work ?

The procedure is performed in following steps -

  1. The surgeon first applies anesthetic eye drops in the eye.
  2. The second step is to create a protective flap so as to gain access of the inner corneal tissue. At this point of time, the patient's vision becomes blurry for a minute. The patient is able to see the flashing fixation laser light after the creation of the flap.
  3. The patient then receives the cool laser light's computer-controlled pulses. The laser light is not visible but makes a clicking sound as it is reshaping the inner corneal layer of the eye. To ensure accurate correction, the surgeon use eye-tracking device to see the movement of the eye.
  4. The surgeon then aligns and repositions the flap to its original position. The flap will heal by itself naturally in several hours. The surgeon places a protective shield over the patient's eye in order to avoid any kind of rubbing.

Benefits of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

  • It reduces the dependence on wearing eye correcting glasses.
  • About 90% of patients can get their desired vision.
  • Vision is corrected immediately after the LASIK.
  • It involves a very little pain.
  • The adjustments to further correct the vision can be made years later.
  • No stitches or bandages are required after the LASIK procedure.

Difference Between LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery

Both LASIK and Laser eye surgery appears to be identical and both of them uses lasers, but involves performing different procedures. The major difference is the way of accessing the eye during the procedure. LASIK surgery involves the creation of a flap in the cornea. The laser in then applied beneath the tissue so as to remove the flap. While lasek surgery, a flap is not created. Only the top layer of the cornea is loosened and is moved aside. The outer layer is then placed back after the completion of the laser.


LThe biggest difference between the both is that in case of PRK, the removal of the epithelium (outermost corneal cell layer) is done. The removal is done prior to the surgery. The regrowth of the cell layer takes 3-5 days. Microkeratome instrument is used to create a tissue layer in the LASIK procedure. The tissue layer remains involved with the eye by means of a strip that creates a hinge. The surgeon then folds lifts and folds the flap over. The stroma is that part of the eye where the laser is concentrated inside the cornea. The flap is then folded back by the surgeon in its original position without involving no stitches. In the case of PRK, the contact lenses are worn for several weeks so as to help in the healing process. Both in LASIK and PRK, the visual outcome is excellent.

Cost of LASIK Laser Eye Surgery


The LASIK Laser eye surgery is performed in all the major cities of India. The hospitals in India use latest laser techniques for performing this surgery. The cost of LASIK Laser eye surgery depends upon the type Lasik surgery received.

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