Uveitis Treatment in India

What is Uveitis ?

The inflammation of the uvea is termed as Uveitis. Uveitis is made up of choroid, ciliary body and iris. By combining together they create a middle layer of the eye between the sclera and the retina. The growth of uveitis may be connected with autoimmune disorders, injury and infections. The condition of uveitis is very serious and may lead to permanent loss of vision. It is essential to diagnose and treat the uveitis early so as to prevent this severe condition.

The condition of uveitis can affect either one or the three parts of the eye that depends on where the inflammation happens. Uveitis can be classified into -

  • Panuveitis : It affects all the three parts of the uvea.
  • Posterior Uveitis : It affects the rear of the uvea.
  • Intermediate Uveitis : It affects the middle section of the uvea.
  • Acute Anterior Uveitis : It is regarded as the most common form and affects the front chamber of the eye.

Causes of Uveitis

  • Autoimmune disorders such as ankylosing spondylitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Behcet's disease and sarcoidosis.
  • Ocular Tumors
  • Viral infections or systematic bacterial
  • Eye injury
  • Inflammatory disorders like ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease
  • Leaking of lens proteins from a cataract
  • Some cancers such as Lymphoma which directly or indirectly affect the eye
  • Immune-mediated disease

Symptoms of Uveitis

  • Alteration of the color of the iris
  • Eye pain
  • Blurred vision
  • A small pupil
  • Cloudy vision
  • Photophobia (abnormal sensitivity to light)
  • Floaters : An eye debris that makes you see chains of transparent bubbles or tiny rods floating in the field of vision.
  • Headaches
  • Vision problems
  • Eye redness

Diagnosis of Uveitis

Uveitis is a serious condition that can damage a person's eyesight. It is therefore very essential to visit an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist will study in detail about the symptoms and signs that is developing in the patient. A proper eye testing will be done along with X-rays. The overall health of a person is also examined.

Treatments of Uveitis

A prognosis is essential for a patient having uveitis, so that a proper treatment can be provided. If it's not done then the conditions of glaucoma, cataracts, retinal edema and band keratopathy may develop.

Immunosuppressants : This medication is recommended when the patient has very serious symptoms and involves a possibility of vision loss. It is also necessary when the patient has not responded well to other therapies.

Antivirals or Antibiotics Medication : If the patient is diagnosed with bacterial infection then antibiotics are prescribed. If there is viral infection then antiviral is given. Sometimes Corticosteroids can also be given in combination.

Mydriatic Eye Drops : Mydriatic eye drops are given such as cyclopentolate and atropine. These drops help in dilating the pupil and also heals the eye. Eye pain is also relieved by this medication. It prevents the pupil from sticking with the lens.

Corticosteroids : It is a steroid and can be given as Prednisolone acetate (eye drops), an injection within the eye or tablets. Inflammation can be treated with the help of steroids. It is first required to carry out corneal ulcers by Florescence Dye test before giving corticosteroids.

Sarcoidosis Uveitis

Sarcoidosis is a systemic and immunological disease that includes all the body organs such as skin, lungs, muscles, spleen, lymph node and many more. This disease could involve persons of any gender and age. The disease is more common in elderly and middle-aged woman. Acute and chronic are the two forms of this disease. It has been observed that in young people, the acute form is more prevalent. The chronic form can be more commonly seen in elderly people. In acute sarcoidosis, the acute panuveitis occurs and is associated with Herrfordt syndrome and uveoparotid fever.

Cost of Uveitis Treatment

The cost of Uveitis treatment depends upon the location of inflammation and the type of treatment required. India is the most favored destination for getting the treatment of Uveitis. The low-cost and effective treatment attracts patients from all over the world.

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