Medical Packages in India

On an average, Surgery Tours India "All-inclusive Packages" are 15 to 20% lower than just the
"Cost of Treatment" offered by our competitors

From the previous few years, India has grown into the preferred destination for medical tourism. Patients from everywhere the world visit India to avail the assistance of affordable treatment with world-class facilities. The India Healthcare has a list of several well- prepared treatment packages including Urology, Organ Transplant, Ophthalmolgy, Orthopedics, Infertility treatment, ENT, Neurology, Cosmetic Surgery, cardiology, Cancer, Ayurveda, Dental Implants and more. Below you can find a list of treatment packages with their entire detail. We are combining with JCI-accredited hospitals and medical centers that are known for contribution impeccable and efficient healthcare services. In comparison to western countries, you can receive affordable medical treatments in India along with use of state-of the-art technology, treatment at dependable hospitals, services of trained doctors, surgeons, other medical team, quality infrastructure and special personalized care. You can also seek unprejudiced expert assumption through us about the treatments, surgeries and your stay in India. As per your accommodation, we can also plan a detailed itinerary for your stay here including pre and post operative meetings with doctors, appointment for surgery as well as your stay/trips to India.

Cost of Medical Treatment in India

*the costs mentioned above are approximate and it may differ from hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor.
Get in touch with our experts to request free quotes from various hospitals & doctors in India.

Advantages of going to India for Medical Treatment

  • Internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies
  • Highly qualified Physicians/Surgeons and hospital support staff
  • Significant cost savings compared to domestic private healthcare
  • Medical treatment costs in India are lower by at least 60-80% when compared to similar procedures in North America and the UK
  • Options for private room, translator, private chef, dedicated staff during your stay and many other tailor-made services
  • India offers a wide range of Cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • India is well known as a popular destination for dental procedures
  • Popular procedures include heart surgery, hip replacements and laser eye surgery.
  • India is popular for its meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic treatments and more.

World Class Quality and Affordable Healthcare in India

  • We deals with NABH & JCI accredited hospitals with an expert medicine intelligentsia, outdo technology, and most upright medical & health care infrastructure, providing affordable healthcare assistance and accessible arena
  • We take the opinions with globally renowned doctors and superb surgeons who have performed the most intricate surgeries; they are proficiently skilled, well experienced and the post surgery nursing staff proves itself at every stage.
  • Our Medical care facilities are highly cost efficient when compared to US or UK; saving up to 30 % to 70 % cost that incurs in US or UK.
  • Our services are devoid of any waiting time and we offer the foremost implants for the surgeries.

Surgery Tours India's services will include:

  • Medical visa: Online invitation will be provided to the patient and his/her attendant after getting passport copy and clinical papers.
  • We provide estimated cost of treatment, stay and facilitation before arrival of the patients.
  • Pick and drop facility from airport is provided free of cost.
  • Once your arrival is confirmed, our team will receive you at your airport.
  • Interpreters of all languages are available as per requirement.
  • Complete assistance from the medical and travel professionals.
  • Pre and post treatments arrangement of accommodation for the patients and family members.
  • A dedicated team to offer round the clock support for handling all aspects of travel and medical treatment in India.
  • Dollar exchange assistance; sim card and mobile recharge facilities
  • Maintaining post surgery communications and follow up.

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