Ossiculoplasty Surgery in India

What is Ossiculoplasty ?

Ossiculoplasty is the process that reconstructs, improves and repairs the improvement of the tiny ear bones of hearing in the bones of the middle ear. All these bones may have damaged due to disease or infection such as otitis media ( long-standing middle ear infection) or trauma of the head injury. The purpose of Ossiculoplasty is to improve the hearing . Surgery on the ear drum is done to correct the tear of the ear as well as damaged caused to the tympanic membrane (ear drum).

Middle Ear Surgery

The surgical procedure engages the use of prostheses (tiny false replacements) or reshaping of the bones so as to make them work better. The cut is made either in the ear canal or behind the ear under the general anesthesia. The damaged ear bones (ossicles) are then removed and cleaned. These damaged ear bones are then replaced with the artificial bones. It is also possible to repair the damaged bone by the conduction method in order to avoid the use of artificial bones.

What are signs of Ossiculoplasty ?

The main symptom of Ossiculoplasty is the hearing loss caused by damage to the ossicles. The damage is generally to the joint between the stapes and the incus that needs correction. Infection can also lead to damage to the malleus bone. The deafness can also be caused by sclerosis in the bones. Anyone suffering from conductive hearing loss can opt for Ossiculoplasty. In order to prevent damage to the ear ossicles, it is essential to treat the middle ear infections.

Middle Ear Diseases

  • Otosclerosis : This disease starts with an abnormal bone growth in the ear that leads to hearing loss. Otosclerosis can be inherited disorder and results in abnormal hardening of middle ear bone.
  • Cholesteatoma : In this disease, a skin cyst grows in the mastoid and middle ear.
  • Chronic Otitis Media : This is the disease where the inflammation happens due to middle ear infection. The disease is most frequently seen in children and can happen either in one or both the ears.

Ear Plastic Surgery

The condition of disfigured ears can be corrected by undergoing the plastic surgery. Otoplasty (ear surgery) is performed to improve the proportion, position or the shape of the ear. The surgery can treat both misshapen ears that have been caused by some injuries and also corrects the defects in the structure of the ear (present at birth and eventually developed ). The aim is to create a natural shape along with bringing a proper balance and proportion to the face and ears. Even with the correction of small deformities, a profound change comes in the appearance.

Ossiculoplasty Treatment

  • The problem of protruding ears that occurs on either one or both sides in unstable degrees.
  • The rare condition of oversize ears (macrotia)
  • People who are not satisfied with their previous ear surgery

Split Earlobe Repair

The surgery is performed to renovate the torn ear. The condition of split earlobe occurs when there is a division of skin starting from the point of piercing and going down to the earlobe base. The tear of the earlobe is caused by wearing heavy or oversized earrings that stretches the hole of the earlobe. Combing can also result in the tear and infection of the earlobe. Left side of the ear is the most affected side and this imperfection is often noticeable. Z-plasty is the technique used for repairing the split earlobe.

Ossiculoplasty Procedure

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and take approximately 2 hours to complete. The time taken depends on the amount of trauma, nature of trauma, individual complexities and wound status. The reconstruction largely depends upon the defects that may take different figures. All the methods involve removal of the skin lining by creating a raw edge to reconstruct. The process of reconstruction involves creation of normal proportions around the small ear.

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