Dr. Sree Chaitanya R.S

Dr. Sree Chaitanya R.S


Neuro Surgeon

Medicine: MBBS from Sri Siddhartha Medical College under Bangalore University - pass out in 2002 May. Completed compulsory rotatory internship in clinical specialties for one year from 2002/05 - 2003/04 - obtained basic training in clinical assessment of patients and according management. Assisted in minor and major surgical procedures, assessed patients in emergency room with emergency endotracheal intubation and ventilation.

ICU experience: ICU residency for a period of one year in 2003 - 2004 in Mallige medical center. This was a general ICU comprising of specialties - neurosurgery. I have learnt doing minor procedures including lumbar punchers, endotracheal intubation, accessing central lines. I have assessed neurosurgical patients in this ICU and have assessed patients independently and managed them accordingly. These included patients of head trauma and postoperative patients.

DNB: I was enrolled under National board of examinations in the subject of Neurosurgery in AIMS Kochi. I completed postgraduate training in a five year residency progamme. During this period I have been involved in basic clinical assessment of

patients in ICU, wards and emergency room and according management. I have also assisted in several minor and major surgical procedures during this period like insertion of lumbar drains, evacuation of subdural hematomas, carpal tunnel releases, major surgical procedures including CP angle tumors, aneurysms, AVMs, spinal instrumentations, spinal cord tumors, cranial and spinal cord trauma of supratentorium and infratentorium.

AIMS, Kochi was a referral center for several complicated cases. I completed my DNB training from in 2011 December. I continued to assist all major surgeries during this period. I was able to perfrom independent trauma surgeries on brain and simple spine

Corporate Experience: I worked in able to perform independent trauma the capacity of registrar and junior consultant till January 2015 in various corporate hospitals. I had been able to perform brain trauma surgeries and simple spine surgeries as a registrar independently. I have performed simple and complex spine surgeries, trauma surgeries, surface tumors, IC aneurysms, CP angle tumors, fourth ventricular tumors. I have worked as associate consultant in BGS global hospitals in dept of neurosurgery from 2013-2015. Here I was in-charge of all Neuro ICUs and was performing several major surgeries independently.

Janapriya Hospitals: I was working as a consultant neurosurgeon since 2015 feb till june 2017. I was performing surgeries for head and spinal cord, brain and spinal cord tumors, regenerative spine diseases independently.

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