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Guide to Ankle Replacement Surgery

Guide to Ankle Replacement Surgery

An ankle replacement surgery is also known as total ankle arthroplasty (TAA). This is an orthopedic surgical procedure to mainly treat ankle arthritis. An ankle may get damaged due to normal wear and tear with advancing age, a degenerative medical disorder such as arthritis or due to a severe injury as well.

How Ankle Replacement surgery works?

An ankle replacement surgery is required when the joint of the ankle suffers damage due to a medical disorder or a severe injury which affects the normal movement and weakens the ankle joint.

An ankle replacement surgery is considered to be an ideal treatment in such cases. This surgical procedure aims to replace the damaged parts of the ankle with artificial implants that mimic the natural ankle joint and helps restore strength and movement back in the injured/damaged ankle joint.

Ankle Replacement surgery procedures

An ankle replacement surgery is a major type of orthopedic surgical treatment that aims to restore strength and function to a damaged ankle joint.

The orthopedic surgeon/doctor will consider your overall health as well as your medical history to decide if you are fit enough to undergo surgery. The initial step towards an ankle replacement surgery is for the doctor to test your Achilles' tendon and see if it is normal, and not excessively tightened. This is important as a tightened Achilles' tendon restricts free movement of the ankle.

The surgery begins with the administering of general anesthesia to the patient or with a nerve block to avoid discomfort during the surgical procedure.

The surgeon will use a tourniquet to prevent excessive bleeding as well as allowing the surgeon to access the ankle joint easily. The surgeon will make small incisions in the side or the front of the ankle, depending on the kind of artificial implant being used for replacing the ankle.

The surgeon will then make the necessary alterations to the component bones of the ankle joint so that the artificial joint prosthetics can be fitted properly. The surgeon will also check the Achilles' tendon to check it for normalcy because a tight Achilles' tendon restricts the range of motion of the ankle. In case this tendon is tight the surgeon will lengthen the tendon to restore normal range of motion to the ankle.

The surgeon will then use sutures or staples to close the incision and apply a splint around the ankle for the artificial prosthetic to take hold firmly.

Who is a candidate for an Ankle Replacement surgery?

An ideal candidate for an ankle replacement surgery is the one who:

  • Suffers from ankle problems caused by arthritis
  • Suffers from ankle fracture
  • Suffers from infection
  • Suffers from osteoarthritis
  • Suffers from rheumatoid arthritis
  • Suffers from pain and loss of movement in the ankle

Benefits of Ankle Replacement surgery in India

India is home to the a large network of orthopedic specialty hospitals and clinics that are spread over all its major cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc. These hospitals and clinics provide global-standard quality treatment and excellent healthcare to all their patients. The orthopedic specialists and surgeons in India are also extensively-trained and well-experienced in managing all kinds of orthopedic treatments including ankle replacement surgery.

Complications associated with an Ankle Replacement surgery

There are certain complications associated with the surgery procedure as is seen in most surgeries. The patient could be at a risk of infection, anesthetic reaction, nerve damage, blood vessel damage as well as blood clots.

The ankle bone, after fixing the artificial prosthesis, may also suffer a fracture in rare cases. The nerves or blood vessels may get injured during the replacement procedure. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis may also face problem with healing of the incision wound.

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