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Breast Cancer in Men

What is Breast Cancer in Men?

Men are also likely to get breast cancer as their chest area also has a small amount of breast tissue, as seen in women. This is similar to the breast tissue in a girl at puberty but it does not grow larger with age. Cancerous cells may develop in this small amount of breast tissue in rare cases.

These cancers are similar to the ones seen in women except that the milk-producing glands are absent in men and are thus not affected.

Who is at risk of getting Breast Cancer in Men?

The chances of developing breast cancer in men increase after the age of 35 years and are most likely to develop between the ages of 60 and 70 years.

These are the other risk factors that are related to the development of breast cancer in men:

  • Breast cancer history of female relatives
  • Prolonged exposure of chest to radiation
  • Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement)
  • Estrogen abuse
  • Severe liver disorders (such as cirrhosis)
  • Testicular diseases/injuries or undescended testicle

What are the signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men?

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer in men are similar to the of breast cancer in women. The most visible sign of breast cancer in men is an unexplained lump in the chest as well as bleeding from the nipple if the cancer is at an advanced stage.

How is Breast Cancer in Men diagnosed?

These are the diagnostic tests performed to determine the presence of breast cancer in men:

Physical Examination - This involves a thorough external physical examination of the person's chest to look for abnormalities (lumps/bumps) that may indicate towards the presence of breast cancer.

Mammography - This imaging test involves using low-dose x-ray imaging to picture the inside of the breast (chest). This helps to check for abnormal growths (cancerous cells) in men.

Biopsy - This diagnostic test involves removing a small portion of the suspected lump/bump in the chest and sending it for detailed examination in the pathological laboratory to determine the type of cancerous cells involved in the tumor which helps to decide the best-suited treatment plan for the breast cancer.

How is Breast Cancer in Men treated?

There are several different methods for treatment of breast cancer in men and the exact type of treatment method depends on the type of cells the cancer has affected as well as its area of metastasizing (spread).

These are the commonly performed treatment methods for breast cancer in men:


This procedure involves the surgeon to remove the cancerous cells (tumor) using surgical methods. The surgeon will normally make in incision in the lower part of the chest and access the tumor from it. The tumor is then surgical excised (cut) and removed. The surgeon might also remove a portion of the surrounding healthy tissues in order to prevent the cancer from recurring. This surgery is nowadays performed using minimally invasive surgical methods (laparoscopic) that are advantageous in comparison to the traditional 'open-type' surgical technique.


This breast cancer treatment for men requires administering high-energy and precise beams of radiation using particles (such as x-rays) in order to destroy the cancerous cells in the chest. This is usually used when the breast cancer is in its latter stages and is too wide-spread to be efficiently and completely removed using surgical methods.


This breast cancer treatment for men involves using specially-designed medicinal drugs to target the tumor (cancerous cells) in the breast tissue. These are administered orally, or by using intravenous methods such as a catheter or an injection.

Men have been found to respond better and faster to breast cancer treatment as compared to women, mainly due to the smaller amount of breast tissue present.

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