Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India | Best Neurology Hospitals in India

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India

Plan Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India with Surgery Tours India

Deep brain stimulation in India is a very popular procedure among medical tourists, especially from US, UK, Canada because of the following reasons:

  • Best neurology hospitals in India have world class dedicated neurosurgery centres with centres of specialization for movement disorders and other neurological disorders.
  • Highly specialized team of professionals including movement disorder neurologists, neuroradiologists, top neurosurgeons in India and other specialists design the treatment providing high quality care.
  • The Most Advanced Technology like Brain Suite, Biplane Neuroendovascular Angiography, Synergy S Linac System, S-7 Navigation System, Endoscopic Neurosurgery Theatre, 3 Tesla MRI, 256 slice CT scan, PET scan is available at these best neurology hospitals in India
  • The cost of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India is much affordable as compared to the cost of DBS surgery in Western countries


Deep brain stimulation is a surgical procedure that may help people with some neurological disorders, including Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, epilepsy, and dystonia, a movement disorder where muscles contract and spasm.

Scientists are also looking at how it may help people with addiction, multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, major depression, plus a wide range of other conditions.

In deep brain stimulation (DBS), a surgeon places a device under a person's skin. The device sends out electrical impulses to specific parts of the brain. The pulses can block abnormal signals that underlie several neurological conditions.

Deep Brain Stimulation works well for some people but not for all, and there may be a few adverse effects. A newer technology, known as adaptive DBS, shows promise for reducing some of the problems that occur with Deep Brain Stimulation.

What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

Deep Brain Stimulation surgery involves placing a thin metal electrode (about the diameter of a piece of spaghetti) into one of several possible brain targets and attaching it to a computerized pulse generator, which is implanted under the skin in the chest below the collarbone. All parts of the stimulator system are internal; there are no wires coming out through the skin. A programming computer held next to the skin over the pulse generator is used during routine office visits to adjust the settings for optimal symptom control. Unlike older lesioning procedures or gamma knife radiosurgery, DBS does not destroy brain tissue. Instead, it reversibly alters the abnormal function of the brain tissue in the region of the stimulating electrode. It is important to note that DBS therapy may demand considerable time and patience before its effects are optimized.

How does it work?

  • Deep Brain Stimulation changes brain activity in a controlled way and its effects are reversible.
  • Deep Brain Stimulation may help the brain to release more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy-carrying molecule that occurs in the cells of all living things. This release of ATP leads to a buildup of adenosine.
  • Activating the adenosine A1 receptor triggers a process that reduces both tremor and any adverse effects that DBS may cause. This works because the process dampens excitatory transmission in the thalamus.
  • The Deep Brain Stimulation procedure does not destroy any nerve cells or healthy brain tissue, but there can be some adverse effects.

Who is a candidate?

You may be a candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India if you have:

  • A movement disorder with worsening symptoms (tremor, stiffness) and your medications have begun to lose effectiveness.
  • Troubling "off" periods when your medication wears off before the next dose can be taken.
  • Troubling "on" periods when you develop medication-induced dyskinesias (excessive wiggling of the torso, head, and/or limbs).

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery may not be an option if you have severe untreated depression, advanced dementia, or if you have symptoms that are not typical for Parkinson's.

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India can help treat many of the symptoms caused by the following movement disorders:

  • Parkinson's disease: tremor, rigidity, and slowness of movement caused by the death of dopamine-producing nerve cells responsible for relaying messages that control body movement.
  • Essential tremor: involuntary rhythmic tremors of the hands and arms, occurring both at rest and during purposeful movement. Also may affect the head in a "no-no" motion.
  • Dystonia: involuntary movements and prolonged muscle contraction, resulting in twisting or writhing body motions, tremor, and abnormal posture. May involve the entire body, or only an isolated area. Spasms can often be suppressed by "sensory tricks," such as touching the face, eyebrows, or hands.

A team of specialists including a neurologist, neuropsychologist, and neurosurgeon will evaluate your condition to determine if surgery is an option. Your thinking and memory, current medications, and general health will be evaluated. You will be videotaped performing a variety of movements (walking, finger tap, rising from a chair) while on and off medication. Your symptoms and abilities are measured using the Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS).

After your evaluation and videotaping is complete, your case will be discussed at a conference with multiple physicians, nurses, and surgeons. The team discusses the best treatment plan for each patient. If the team agrees that you are a good candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment with a neurosurgeon.

Best Neurology Hospitals in India

When you choose Surgery Tours India, you choose the best hospital in India for Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery. We partner with the chosen best hospital in India for your medical condition to give you the best outcome. This is based on our internal criterion of evaluation. We inspect the hospitals on various parameters like technology, standard of equipments, safety protocols, etc. that are critical in ensuring quality services to our patients.

With Surgery Tours India, you are also guarenteed of world class care at most affordable prices. We have special negotiated rates with these hospitals India and have dedicated staff to offer you personalised care. We thus guarentee you complete peace of mind when you choose Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery India.

Best Neurology Hospitals in India:

  • Venkateshwar Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • BLK Hospital
  • Artemis Hospital
  • Medanta Hospital
  • Max Hospital

We ensure that the hospitals and clinics we partner with:

  • Are accredited based on best Indian and International standards like NABH, JCI, NABL.
  • Are certified in line with industry standards and have fully equipped facilities.
  • Have emergency care facilities to deal with any sort of emergencies.
  • Have 24 hour nursing care.
  • Have fully equipped operating rooms with all the necessary facilities, including qualified staff and equipment.
  • Admit our patients for minimum of 24 hours post-operation, or more; depending on the requirement of the performed procedure.
  • Have well qualified and renowned doctors affiliated with them
  • Have Blood banks that follow international FDA standards.
  • Have a dedicated cell or department for helping international patients.

Cost of Deep Brain Stimulation in India

At Surgery Tours India we recognize the significance of excellent health and well-being of our guests and hence our objective is to provide best deep brain stimulation in India at honest affordable prices. A preferred association with best neurosurgery hospitals in India and top neurosurgeons in India helps us advice

  • The best treatment for Parkinson's disease in India
  • The most affordable cost of Deep Brain Stimulation in India.

The cost of deep brain stimulation in India varies with your medical condition, surgeon, city and the facility where you choose to get the surgery done. The cost of deep brain stimulation cost in India starts from around USD 20,000 and varies with various things.

An individually allocated case manager takes personalized interest to design a tailor made treatment plan for every guest and will provide with a specific time and cost Deep Brain Stimulation in India.

Pictures and diagnostic reports may be sent to for an early response from the case managers.

Why prefer India for Deep Brain Stimulation?

India is recognized as one of the most important destinations for Low Cost Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery. A huge crowd of international patients from all across the world come to India for a nice blend of best Deep Brain Stimulation specialists with top-class medical expertise in performing advanced Deep Brain Stimulation surgery at attractive prices is helping more and more Indian corporate hospitals to bring more and more foreign patients, including from the developed nations for high end surgeries pertaining to various disease including the Deep Brain Stimulation.

Because of these advantages of Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, many international patients prefer India to get this treatment done instead of going to other European countries.

Neurology Hospitals in India are well equipped with the most advanced medical treatment and brain healing techniques and are competent to deliver quality treatment to the global patients. They have the most extensive neuro-diagnostic and imaging facilities including Asia's most advanced MRI and CT technology. These Hospitals offers you a magnitude of imaging services like EEG, EMG, Sensation 10 CT Scanner, Functional MRI with Spectroscopy, OPMI Multivision etc.

Personalized care and attention is provided with value added services besides results of world class standard at a very low cost affordable to all sections of society. The Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India is available at various hospitals in Delhi,NCR with latest amenities and state-of-art-facilities.

Surgery Tours India Cares

We encourage you to educate yourself about Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India, benefits from the right kind of deep brain surgery in India procedure and then make an informed decision.

Surgery Tours India thus invites you for a free consultation with chosen best neurosurgery hospitals in India and top neurosurgeons in India and assures you hassle free arrangements for examinations, procedures, recovery, travel and stay in India.

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